ElfQuest: One-Eye & Clearbrook, M.M.E.

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Moonshade is a Wolfrider elder and tribal tanner. A creative “maker” by nature, she takes great pleasure in turning animal hides into beautiful, functional clothing. Although the process of tanning leather can be lengthy and tedious, she enjoys the quiet hours bringing the beauty out of supple hide and transforming it into clothing. That she also plays a useful, practical role in her tribe only adds to her enjoyment of her work.


Strongbow is the reserved, silent archer of the Wolfriders. Ever the devil’s advocate, Strongbow is often right, but finds no value in saying “I told you so.” He has a powerful ability to send, and is considered by his tribe, and even Winnowill, as a strong magic user.


M.M.E's are available with either a magnetic back or with an easel.


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