ElfQuest: Redlance & Nightfall , M.M.E.

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Named Redmark in his youth after both his crimson-red hair and his unmatched ability to track the blood trail of wounded prey through the dark forest, Redlance earned his current tribe name after an extreme act of bravery: he faced off against a huge longtooth cat and saved Chief Bearclaw from the beast by bracing his spear against a rock and impaling it as it leapt to the attack.


Trustworthy, brave and determined, Nightfall is defender of all she loves and believes in. She would have no fear of felling a longtooth with just a knife in her hand—but she would prefer to have her bow. A skilled huntress, she kills to provide and protect. While Nightfall embraces her rugged wolf-side, she is also an embodiment of feminine sensuality, and is fond of dancing naked in the moonlight with her friend, Leetah.

M.M.E's are available with either a magnetic back or with an easel.


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