ElfQuest: Treestump, Dewshine & Scouter, M.M.E.

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A gruff, no-nonsense tribal elder, Treestump often serves as chief when Cutter is absent. Though his calm acceptance of The Way lends him a certain forgetfulness, more than a thousand years of life has filled Treestump with a calm well of wisdom. Good-humored yet occasionally grumpy, he is something of a father figure to the entire tribe.


Dewshine, swift and graceful as a deer, is the most agile and free-spirited of the Wolfriders—and that takes some doing! She has a beautiful voice, full of melody and laughter. Song and dance are passions with her and she has a talent for mimicking birdsong. 

Named for his keen vision, Scouter has the sharpest eyes of all the Wolfriders. He is steadfast, loyal, and gallant, but intolerant of anyone, tribemates included, whom he regards as putting his family in jeopardy.

M.M.E's are available with either a magnetic back or with an easel.


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