Ringers (Complete Game Set)

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The complete Ringers Game Set includes 1 11" Round Game Board, 6 3" rubber rings ( 3 of each color), a canvas carrying sack and a directions sheet. 


Game Directions


  • Tossing distance of 6-8 feet
  • The game can be played indoors or outdoors
  • The board can be placed on the ground or elevated with placement on a table or counter
  • 8 feet should be the standard game for adults
  • 6 feet makes for an easier, beginners’ game
  • The tossing distance can be adjusted for younger players


  • When facing the bottes/board, the configuration can be a "+" or an "x"


  • Among the players, decide who goes first and what color rings they will use


  • Players can toss 3-5 rings in a Round (pre-determined at the start of the game)
  • A Round consists of players taking turns tossing their rings at the board until all rings have been tossed towards the game board


  • At the end of each round, tally the score based on the following: (we'll need to take pictures showing the below)
  • 1 point for a FLOP
    • any ring that is laying on the board and not around a bottle or not hooked the neck of the bottle
    • If a ring is on the board and leaning on a bottle, this counts as one point
    • If a ring is partially on the board and partially off the board, this counts as one point
    • If a ring is leaning off the board and touching the ground or table (depending on where you have placed the game), that is NOT a point
    • If a ring is suspending in the air between two bottles and it is not touching the game board, that is NOT a point
    • 2 points for a HANGER
      • the ring is around the neck of the bottle
      • The ring has not fallen all the way around the bottle and has not slid down to the base of the bottle
      • 3 points for a RINGER
        • the ring is all the way around a bottle, and sitting at the base or as near the base as it can due to other rings preventing it from falling completely to the base of the bottle
        • Rings that do not meet the above criteria do not score points
          • The game will be played until one player scores 30 or more points
          • For a more difficult game, the player must score exactly 30 points
            • If the player scores more than 30 points in a given Round, all points for that round are void
            • Remember, in a round, all rings must be tossed