David Lozeau Magnets

By David Lozeau

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David Lozeau, a renowned artist, is widely recognized for his vibrant and distinctive artistic style, particularly his captivating Day of the Dead creations. His artwork showcases an eclectic mix of quirky characters, from skeleton musicians to deep-sea creatures, wild west bandidos, and enchanting animals. With a bold and colorful approach, David's unique illustrations breathe life into a diverse range of subjects, including high-octane motorsports. His iconic works have gained international acclaim, attracting a devoted community of collectors who deeply appreciate the originality and creativity that David pours into each and every one of his pieces. They make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Choose from any or all of the following nine magnets:

  • "I Love You and Tacos"
  • "Death Do Us Part"
  • "In Tune with Nature"
  • "Love, Trust and a Revolver"
  • "Metamorphosis"
  • "Skull Moon"
  • "The Love of My Life"
  • "Together Forever"
  • "We Just Fit"

®David Lozeau licensed images ®Tate Licensing licensed images 

We laser cut our 2” x 3” magnets from 1/8”-thick birch and apply ultraviolet coating to protect the images. NOTE:  Some stainless-steel surfaces are not magnetic; check if your refrigerator’s is before ordering.



**HIGH-QUALITY FSC Certified Birch: Safe, Durable, Environmentally Friendly, and Responsible Product. Birch is a Fast Growing, Highly Renewable, and Sustainable Resource!

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