Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Dia de los Muertos Milagros: La Calavera Magnet

By Jasmine Becket- Griffith

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Milagros: La Calavera is part of the Milagros series inspired by the wonderful milagros charms on a lot of the folk art in Mexico. “La Calavera” is the Spanish word for “The Skull” which features prominently in this painting.  This lovely girl has several beautiful charms adorning the skull, and she has some traditional Calavera face paint on. Milagros charms are typically tied with a person’s name, with the shape of the charm indicative of the healing/prayer wanted.  They are often used as decorations sewn to clothing, glued to crosses, left at shrines, worn as jewelry, etc.

Each 2" x 3" magnet is laser cut from a 1/8" thich piece of birch wood.  We then print the art directly on the wood and pass the piece through a UV coater before having a magnetic backer adhered to the back of the piece. 



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