Norman Rockwell Christmas Print Collection with Easel

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. . .children want to believe in Santa Claus just as fervently as we adults want to believe in Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. —Norman Rockwell


This limited edition Norman Rockwell art collection features 3 of his most iconic "Santa Claus" images. 



Everyone has their favorite piece of art by their favorite artist . Sometimes, though, you’d like to change the scenery. Our wood print and easel sets allow for easy switching of your preferred images. The lightweight bamboo prints slide easily into a notch on a sturdy, tip-resistant metal mini-easel, providing a great avenue to enrich the appearance of your desk with a minimal footprint. Now if could they could just reduce the size of your inbox …

Wood print specifications: 5” by 7”; laser-cut bamboo; wear-resistant image

Easel specifications: 6” by x” by 8”; laser-cut metal; angled notch for wood print display