Saturday Evening Post: Sammy Sixgun

By Saturday Evening Post

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Celebrate the beautiful art of the yesteryear with vintage Saturday Evening Post covers!

  Young Sammy Sixgun, using the classic hat-over-the-rock routine, will now restore law and order to the old TV-West.  First the electronic badman will shoot a hole through Sammy's sombrero; then, believing he has dispatched it's occupant, he will relax his guard and our hero will give him the works.  To be sure, this is all good clean imagination.  Manhood will find our once-warlike Sammy perched peacefully behind a desk, no heroics for him, no interest in gunplay--yet bearing in him that old spirit which has always turned war-hating Americans into heroes when badmen threaten and the chips are down.  By the way, that's John Falter's own dog in the chair, name of Ralph.  If Ralph should wag his tail and knock off the hat, wouldn't Sammy be surprised? 




This unique print will look amazing in your home or office! Are you looking for a touch of sophistication and color in your living space? Look no further, this vintage print will look amazing in your setting!

Each museum-quality wood prints is printed directly onto a sheet of 1/8" thick birch wood using archival inks designed to last years without fading or loss of color.

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