The Art of Ed Beard Jr Magnet

By Ed Beard Jr

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Ed Beard Jr is renowned for his diverse range of artwork, which encompasses various themes and subjects. His portfolio features captivating dragon art, specifically created for the "Dragon" calendar, showcasing the majestic and awe-inspiring nature of these mythical creatures. In addition to dragons, Beard Jr's artistic repertoire extends to enchanting depictions of wizards, fairies, and other fantastical beings. Furthermore, he delves into the realm of horror, crafting haunting and spine-chilling imagery. With a keen interest in mythology, Beard Jr explores a wide array of mythological creatures and subjects, captivating viewers with his imaginative and intricate artwork.



Our wood magnets are made from high-quality wood material and are handcrafted with precision and care. Each one is thoroughly checked for quality before shipment to ensure that you receive only the best product. Each 2" x 3" magnet is laser cut from a 1/8" thich piece of birch wood.  We then print the art directly on the wood and pass the piece through a UV coater before having a magnetic backer adhered to the back of the piece. 


They make a perfect gift for any occasion.

**HIGH-QUALITY FSC Certified Birch: Safe, Durable, Environmentally Friendly, and Responsible Product. Birch is a Fast Growing, Highly Renewable, and Sustainable Resource!

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